Matt’s RIM Materials, Weeks 1-3


I’ve taught three weeks now of Church History classes at the Reformed Institute of Ministry run by Davao Covenant Reformed Church. I don’t have a theological library, but I am equipped with Philip Schaff and Jaroslav Pelikan’s The Christian Tradition. Fortunately, there is a wealth of good primary sources on the internet.

Week 1. The break between the Synagogue and the Church and the origins of Christian anti-Semitism. (Dayenu, Improperia, Birkat Haminim, Melito’s Peri Pascha) Readings and Lecture Notes.

Week 2. Roman persecution of Christians and the ethical instruction of the early church. (Didache, Perpetua and Felicity, Polycarp) Readings and Lecture Notes.

Week 3. Attacks on the Canon, Christ, and Creational Monotheism. (Marcion and the Gnostics) Readings and Lecture Notes.

The next three weeks’ readings will be posted when they are finished, and the lecture notes will be uploaded after the lectures have been delivered. Upcoming topics: the rise of episcopacy, Nicea, Arianism, and Constantine.

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